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How to choose the right bathroom sink for your bathroom

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When it comes to choosing a sink in the bathroom, many people just get lost – how to choose the right one among the variety of models. You should not focus only on the appearance of the product. Here it is important to combine design with functionality and the right design. You can buy many interesting products here https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/sinks.

The repair was completed, the tile was laid, the pipes were let down. It is high time to start equipping the bathroom. One of the most important elements – the sink. For him, most likely, the place is already prepared, so you can immediately move on to the parameters of the product:

  1. If it is the main sink, it is worth taking a look at the appliances with standard sizes. Every manufacturer has, in addition to them, and large sinks for a spacious room and mini- sinks for toilet rooms.
  2. The height of the installation can serve as a reference point for human growth. Usually, the washbasin is installed at a standard distance from the floor.
  3. By product type, sinks are divided into tulip, cantilever and built-in models.
  4. An important indicator is the material of the device. Although users are used to faience and porcelain products, it is worth looking at other options – devices made of metal, ceramics, glass, stone.
  5. The price factor also matters. Many manufacturers offer a range of both budget and premium sinks.

Product Material

Most devices are offered by the manufacturer in porcelain or cheaper earthenware. Some manufacturers offer products made of composite materials. They look fresh and organic, they are easy to clean, they are not prone to scratches and muffle the noise of the water flow. But if you want to give your bathroom an unusual flavor, you can try on non-trivial materials (not cheap) sinks in the interior:

  • Glass. Elegant, original, expensive. But such products require thorough polishing, constant cleaning, and their performance has a big disadvantage – the product is fragile, crack or chips spoil the impression and reduce the aesthetic value;
  • Wood. Luxury sinks, environmentally friendly and durable. Wood bowls are impregnated with special compositions that prevent the sink from leaking or drying out. They are placed in a classic interior.
  • Rock. Perfect water frame. Stone bowls look exotic and expensive. Care for them requires constant, soapy traces and water splashes give the sinks an untidy appearance. Their price is high, so if there is a desire to have such a sink, you can stop at the model made of artificial stone. They look no less harmonious, but cost much cheaper.


It is very important not to make the wrong size of the product. Too wide a sink can obstruct the useful space of the bathroom and cause discomfort. Each manufacturer develops products for different sizes of bathrooms. For standard bathrooms of modern apartments there is a large selection of sinks with basic sizes. Of course, in a spacious bathroom with high ceilings, an ordinary sink will look ridiculous and disharmonious. Therefore, there are a lot of larger items, which will fit in a larger space more organically.

Complete sets of products

Each sink requires a number of additional elements. In some models, components are included in the purchase set, and sometimes they need to be purchased. If you are looking for a sink at an affordable price and still want to find the best options on the market, then use https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/outdoor-showers. There you can also discover many other interesting products there.

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