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What are DevOps Managed Services?

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Every IT business owner or manager wants their high-quality software products to win the market as frequently as possible and they are always looking for ways to improve their software performance and speed up the SDLC (software development life cycle) at most. There is a solution  — DevOps. The DevOps abbreviation is a combination of two words “development” and “operation” which means that the processes of code development, delivery and deploying are combined in one seamless cycle and streamlines with the help of best DevOps tools and practices. If you are interested in increasing your product quality, team’s productivity and your customer’s satisfaction level, you need DevOps.

Why do you need DevOps?

In plain English, DevOps – is a collection of experiences and practices that unites two different words of development and  IT operations departments, which initially functioned separately. Key software development teams, when working cooperatively, produce a high-quality software product, that fully satisfies any customer’s needs. When implemented DevOps helps develop systems thinking in teams that unites them in one seamless workflow. DevOps tools automate all the processes that help boost output and deliver first-rate software more frequently. Moreover, DevOps helps with the process of prioritizing tasks so that IT teams have time to deal with unplanned tasks while working on planned ones. With DevOps, in general, and CI/CD automation, in particular, the software development processes are streamlined and automated at most. As a result, products are delivered faster and due to the continuous feedback function, the bugs/flaws are rapidly fixed and the quality significantly improves. What’s more, developers, system administrators and IT operations specialists cooperate intensively which helps speed up the process. Although DevOps implementation requires significant investments, the revenue increases with time and operational costs do become lower.

As a rule, organizations cut down on downtime costs, troubleshooting and recovery costs, staff costs and many others when advocating DevOps principles and practices. With CI/CD automation, developers are quickly notified about any errors happening and rapidly take actions to correct them. As a result, the recovery time and product quality increase significantly. With DevOps methodology developers and system administrators notably upgrade their professional skills. Moreover, fully automated processes eliminate toil and teams are focused on more creative tasks and product quality improvements.

Bottom line: Why do you need DevOps managed services? 

The past decade has brought DevOps to the top of most desired approaches for any IT company. Many IT organizations are either taking some steps in direction of adopting DevOps or just thinking about it. One way or another, you have two options: create an in-house DevOps team or turn to experience DevOps companies that provide DevOps managed services. As a rule, a lot of companies, particularly small businesses or startups find growing inside DevOps teams pretty overwhelming. They experience a lack of time, costs and skilled specialists who can implement DevOps correctly. If that’s your case, we recommend shake your hands with a mature DevOps outsourcing company for its DevOps experts to run your applications on the cloud properly, design and arrange a cloud infrastructure for you or plan and organize the cloud migration of your infrastructure, automate CI/CD pipelines and provide many other services. In any case, you can always contact DevOps experts to get a consultation on any DevOps issue you have.      

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