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Effective ways to develop your Instagram account

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There are many great ways to help you effectively develop your instagram account. In this article, we will tell you about some of them. If you decide to buy instagram followers, you will still need to think about the next steps next. Our tips will help you develop your account more effectively.

Comment on other people’s posts

In this simple way you can attract more attention to your account. The most effective way is to leave comments under the posts of Influencers. Don’t be lazy and don’t limit yourself to standard phrases like: “nice picture”, “great” and so on. They will not have the desired effect. Try to write succinct sentences with meaning.

Provide feedback to your followers

Posting a post or posting a few posts is only half the battle. To get your followers to actively respond to your content, communicate with them. Respond to comments, ask questions, ask for their opinion and don’t be afraid to express yours. This will greatly increase the level of trust.

Don’t forget about stories

Without mastering this tool you definitely will not succeed in promotion. Well, people like to stick to 15-second videos or funny photos, and if you also equip them with active links, emoji, and gifs, you get the real bomb. Plus, the Search tab displays other users’ most popular stories. It’s hard to make it to the top, but why not try your luck?

A little blue never hurt anyone

A strange advice, but it works nevertheless. According to research, posts that include blue get 24% more likes than posts with red or orange.

Add call-to-action

Do you want your audience to be active? Then don’t be afraid to add call-to-action at the end of your posts. For example, you can ask users to leave a comment, like or follow the link in your profile header, or give their opinion.

Arrange contests

People love gifts, so you need to take advantage of it. Run a contest when you have at least 500 loyal followers subscribed to your page. For the draw to work and get relevant subscribers (rather than people who will leave your account right after the results are announced), it’s worth following some simple rules:

  1. The giveaway should be your product or service (a recommendation for commercial pages). Don’t give away iPhones or money, as only easy prize hunters are attracted to them.
  2. In your contest post, briefly talk about your brand.
  3. Generate your best content for the duration of the contest. This is important so that there won’t be a mass unsubscription after the results are tallied.
  4. The mechanics of the contest should be simple – sign up for the profile, like it, tag a friend, and so on.
  5. It should be clear from the picture that there is a contest.

Don’t be afraid to post often

No, we’re not calling you to stamp out the same content with enviable regularity, thereby annoying real instagram followers, but one publication a day will be quite enough to increase the engagement rate. Don’t chase the quantity, but don’t forget that the audience’s interest needs to be constantly piqued. Posts should be meaningful, so it’s a good idea to have a content plan with bullet points.

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