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Should you buy comments for Instagram promotion?

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Remember how it all began? Our first likes – how they were dear to us! As we liked these likes and believed that the more likes – the better account. So, these times have passed irrevocably. Now you need to collect comments and comments – an indicator of the quality and success of an instagram account. Why comments are so important for personal and selling accounts on Instagram and how not to lose comments – this is what we will discuss! Immediately it is important to note that comments are also an indicator of the benefits of your account to others. That is why it is recommended to use services that will increase Instagram comments on new accounts.

Why are comments important to personal accounts?

Let’s immediately agree that we will talk about accounts that are conducted with a goal: to build a personal brand, become famous, find new friends, make money on advertising, receive gifts, wipe the nose of a former classmate etc. If you are running an account for yourself, mom and parrot then you can miss this article. If the promotion on Instagram is important to you – then welcome.

  1. Activity. Imagine: you go to instagram, flipping through your tape and you come across a targeted ad for an account. You follow the link, see the posts in this account, and under them – silence. Not a single comment. Are you interested in such an account? I think it is unlikely. Now imagine a different situation: you clicked on the link and saw that there were heated discussions under each post. People joke, meet, or conversely argue and swear – it doesn’t matter. It is important that the account is clearly interesting and some kind of movement always happens. Surely you will want to subscribe to such an account. Of course, high-quality interesting content is the most important, but active comments can easily add a couple of points to your account.
  2. The ability to continue the dialogue. Like – one-time action. You can not put on photos 2, 5, 10 likes. Just one. Unlike comments, you can write as many as you like. When you receive a comment, you can reply to it and thus continue the dialogue. The main thing is not to miss this comment, otherwise your answer in 3 days will no longer be relevant.

Why are comments important to selling accounts?

The main purpose of the selling account is to sell. Well, that is, of course, to solve the problem, help, save …. And sell! Without communication, selling something on Instagram is extremely difficult, so it’s very important to communicate in comments.

  1. Activity. Just as with a personal account, active comments make the instagram store more interesting and “more alive”.
  2. Attention to the client. Just as in a personal account, the subscriber is pleased that his comment was noticed and his question was answered. This is customer orientation on Instagram.
  3. Withdrawal of objections. Usually, before buying, we have a number of objections: what if the size doesn’t fit me, what if there is an allergy, what if there is no delivery to my city, is there the same one, but with pearl buttons? .. Trying to dispel their doubts, potential customers ask questions in the comments and here it is very important not to miss these questions and answer them as quickly as possible. The faster you “remove” the objection of a potential client, the greater the chance that it will turn from a potential client into a real buyer.
  4. Sales. Under the posts in Instagram there is no built-in “buy” button (at least for now). And despite the site in the header of the profile and the phone for orders in the text of the post, many continue to write comments: “How to order?”. It’s like a phone call, just a comment on Instagram. As with the call, this comment must be answered. And the sooner the better. If you answer in 3 days, perhaps your product will no longer be relevant.

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