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Influencers on Instagram

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Being an Influencer isn’t just about posting pretty pictures and writing posts about how to rock your abs. Being an Influencer is also about being able to test different formats of collaboration. If you want to become an Influencer, it makes sense to buy instagram followers first, but then you have to work long hours to find your target audience.

Here’s just a small part of what bloggers can do:

  • Product review. Probably the most common type of collaboration. Brands often send product samples to Influencers and ask them to give their opinion through a social media post.
  • Collaborations. This is an opportunity for both companies and opinion leaders to earn money. For example, a brand of designer clothes signs a contract with a blogger, and together they launch an exclusive line of shoes. Influencer says on his profile that he was directly involved in the design, after which the blogger’s fans begin to buy the goods en masse. The main rule of collaboration is to make it as natural as possible.
  • Ambassadoring. What is an Ambassador? An official representative of a company, carrying its philosophy to the masses. The main task of an Ambassador is to sing ode to the brand on a regular basis, with the help of posts, stories and participation in thematic events. This is a format of long-term cooperation, which implies the blogger’s refusal to advertise related products.
  • Joint contests. In this case, the brand and Influencer team up to run a raffle. The company provides the blogger with gifts and comprehensive material support, and the Influencer, in turn, is responsible for attracting the audience. The prize is often a branded product or a cash reward.
  • Marathons. People sign up for Instagram not just to look at pretty pictures, but for extra motivation. To meet this need of followers, Influencers often organize marathons. Among the benefits of marathons are: real benefits for subscribers, building a loyal community around the blogger and attracting new TA.
  • Takeover. A blogger manages a brand account for a set period of time and publishes content on his own behalf.

What Influencers are for

Influencer marketing is equally effective for projects of all formats – from small online stores to large market players with a fairly large audience. Influencer marketing is a softer approach to promotion. Distinctive features of such advertising integration are the delicate tone and unobtrusive manner of presentation, which does not cause rejection among most users (unlike traditional advertising). With the right approach, influencer marketing can solve a number of strategically important tasks:

  • to introduce the audience to a new product or service;
  • to dispel the myths about the shortcomings of the product/brand;
  • to form a positive image;
  • to increase confidence in the company;
  • to increase sales;
  • to increase coverage and recognition;
  • to form a loyal community.

About 90% of consumers trust the opinion of users who are actively read in social networks. That’s the answer to the question of why we need opinion leaders. 

Why this trend has become so popular

People like to read about people. And this fact is hard to dispute. And what is an Influencer? A role model, close to a certain audience. And if before, when the priority was glossy magazines, people were imposed the only correct model, but now on the expanses of the network everyone can find an Influencer, which corresponds to its values: moms, dog owners, travelers and so on. It would take all day to read the whole list. If you also want to become a blogger, first find where you can buy instagram followers for $5. That’s the first step, and then you have a long way to go.

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