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The main features of the design of an agricultural website

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Agrarian website design is a very important element of business.

If you want to engage in the agricultural trading platform development, then you need to pay special attention to the design of the site, because your visitors meet it first of all If the design of the pages is not worked out, most users will eventually go to competitors. Conversely, if the site has the necessary set of qualities and functions, you can create an amazing tool to help you effectively sell your product.

Empty space

“White space” means some space between graphic elements, columns, images, text, fields, and other blocks of content. This is one of the most important design tools, since such spaces define the structure of the page and the order of reading. The menu header should be separated from the content blocks. Images accompanying content on both sides of the page should be placed at a sufficient distance from the text. This allows you to understand which parts of the text they belong to, which makes reading easier.

Simple navigation

Navigating your site is something like a terrain map: it tells users where pages go and where you can find specific information. How will potential customers find out about your product if your card is inaccurate? How will they understand where they can find what they need? In this case, your navigation should not be difficult – it should be easy to use. Try not to burden it and make sure that the information on the site is organized so that users can easily navigate it Reynoldsproperties.

About Us

The “About Us” page is one of the five required elements for any site. You have only a few moments to win the position of users, and the inclusion of such a section is one of the best ways to achieve this. There is no exact formula to follow. You just need to make the About Us page interesting, informative and personal. You must give potential customers a reason to fall in love with your brand. The use of sections explaining the company’s philosophy and culture adds to the company’s openness, and also makes it clear to potential customers that management cares about their team.

Call to action

Calls-to-Action are created in order to encourage visitors to take action, for example, download an electronic version of a book, subscribe to a webinar, take part in an event, etc. Calls to action can be placed anywhere on your site, in the files section for uploading or reviewing materials or at the end of a blog article). However, you should make sure that their meaning and location corresponds to the content of the page, otherwise users will not want to click on them. You can use complex design types that contain an image and have a non-standard form, or resort to simple appeals that have no more than one line of text and constitute a button.

High quality visual design

The visual part of the design can be a powerful stimulating element on any site, if it immediately catches the eye. Every designer knows the power of visual image influence on a brand, as well as how photos, videos or pictures can visualize your product and the benefits derived from its use. Remember that the agricultural website design must be at a really high level, which will help you constantly get good customers and improve the status of your entire company.

Unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition is the first element that a potential customer sees when he enters your page. Often, it is this that determines whether a user will browse your site or click the Back button and return to the search. The USP should explain how your product solves a client’s problem, improves his situation, what benefits it brings, and why he should choose you, not a competitor.

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