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How to develop an iOS app

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The process of developing an iOS app can be divided into 7 stages. 

Stages of iOS app development

Stages of iOS app development and android app development process are the same, the differences are hidden in the execution of these stages and their features.

  1. Analysis. The team of specialists analyzes the target audience, the market; studies the demand. The portrait of the client is also updated. Based on such marketing research, a strategy is chosen to make an iOS app. 
  2. Creation of specifications and prototypes. This stage entails the creation of a detailed technical specification for the project. TOR takes into account all the nuances of development and not only to create a really high-quality application. The requirements specification is created together with the customer, who approves the final requirements.
  3. Final planning and cost estimation. This is the last of the preparatory stages before creating your own iOS app. Here, development deadlines are defined, important points are fixed, and tasks are divided into sprints – time slots of a week or two in length. Each sprint has its own task and goals. Also, the customer chooses the method of payment for the project. It can be a fixed cost, which is suitable for small projects. Or a flexible payment system on the fact of completed work in large-scale projects, where long-term detailed planning is irrational to use. 
  4. Design development. Depending on the complexity of the project either one designer or a team headed by an art director can be involved in the creation of layouts. The involvement of a team and an art director is justified in cases where you need to develop a unique design concept. In other cases you can resort to customizing templates and design layouts for a particular project. 
  5. Application development. This is the main stage, in which developers write code and implement the functionality of the project. For convenience and to reduce the development time, the programming is performed in the selected framework. During this process, the customer has the right to be promptly informed of the progress of the work. Demo meetings may also be organized, which are conducted by the project manager. 
  6. Testing. For the correct operation of an application after its launch, it is worth testing its functionality and the way the design is displayed before publishing it. Testing for the iOS operating system will be faster, since it has a much smaller number of devices than, for example, the Android OS.  
  7. Moderation and publishing to the app store. This process cannot be called easy. First, a developer’s account is registered, which will be moderated. And moderation can take up to a month, so this account must be prepared in advance. 

It should be noted that after the launch of the application, the work can continue. The created application, if you want, can be scaled and new functions and sections can be added. 

Also a very important point for creating the iPhone application and not only is the customer’s active participation in the discussion and implementation of the project. After all, only the entrepreneur or manager knows the nuances of a niche that developers may not yet have encountered. Therefore, it is worthwhile for the customer to interact with the team to form an effective cooperation. Note that at all stages the customer is accompanied by a manager, who informs on all necessary questions. If you have chosen a reliable fintech software development company, all these stages will be transparent and you will be able to observe the process of application development.

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