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Crypto Podcast Interviews From The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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Over the last few months, I have been fortunate to speak with leaders from all over the world in the blockchain space on my daily tech podcast.I thought it would be a great idea to gather them all together on one list so that listeners can do their own research and learn about projects directly from the leaders themselves.

Whether you are an early believer, adopter or investor, when it comes to the blockchain and crypto space, it is crucial that you do your own research (DYOR). But this can be difficult when it seems that any YouTube vlogger, blogger, Reddit user and indeed anyone can be paid to shill the latest crypto coin. I wanted to try and separate myself from the insanity and the excitement by talking directly to the people that are navigating the unchartered digital waters towards a brave new digital world.

On my daily tech podcast, I invite guests that are in this for the long run and exploring how this technology will reshape our world and lead through trust and transparency. If you want to learn more about some of the most exciting projects in the blockchain and crypto space directly from the those building it rather than going to the moon or buying your first Lambo, check out some of my recent interviews below.

I have included the CoinMarket Cap position at the time of writing this blog post. These positions do not reflect the quality of the project or the people leading it but thought it would help readers/listeners learn more about each company that they see on these lists. For each guest, I have included links to CoinMarket Cap and the podcast episode so that you have access to all the information that you need.

  • CoinMarketCap #13 Monero (XMR) Interview with Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni
  • CoinMarketCap #14 Dash (Dash) Core Team – Interview With Ryan Taylor
  • CoinMarketCap #16 NEO (NEO) Interview with Tamar Salant
  • CoinMarketCap #21 Tezos (XTZ) Interview with Kathleen Breitman
  • CoinMarketCap #32 Lisk (LSK) Interview with Thomas Schouten and Rachel Black
  • CoinMarketCap #44 IOST(ISOT) Interview With Jimmy Zhong
  • CoinMarketCap #49 Aeternity Aeternity (AE) Interview with Nikola Stojanow
  • CoinMarketCap #95 AELF – Interview with Zhuling Chen
  • CoinMarketCap #187 Aragon (ANT) Interview with Luis Cuende
  • CoinMarketCap #189 Streamr (Data) Interview with Henri Pihkala, CEO and Co-founder of Streamr
  • CoinmarketCap #225 Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Interview With Adam Koltun
  • CoinMarketCap #240 Insolar (INS) – Interview With Andrey Zhulin
  • CoinMarketCap #258 Ambrosus (AMB) Interview with Angel Versetti
  • CoinmarketCap #267 Paragon (PRG) Interview with Paragon Coin CEO Jessica VerSteeg
  • CoinMarketCap #358 Loki (LOKI) Interview With Kee Jeffreys
  • CoinMarketCap #380 DeepBrain Chain (DBC) Interview with Dongyan Wang
  • CoinMarketCap #395 Fantom (FTM)- Interview With Jake Choi
  • CoinMarketCap #440 Naga Group (NGC) Interview with Benjamin Bilski
  • CoinMarketCap #441 Cobinhood (COB) Interview with Popo Chen, CEO and CoFounder of COBINHOOD
  • CoinmarketCap #613 Chronobank (TIME) Interview with Sergei Sergienko, CEO, and founder of ChronoBank
  • CoinMarketCap #817 Internxt (INXT) Interview with Fran Villalba
  • CoinMarketCap #820 Adbank (ADB) Interview With Angelo Dodaro
  • CoinMarketCap #866 Stronghold – Interview with Tammy Camp – How Stronghold and IBM create stablecoin
  • CoinmarketCap #1151 Mysterium Network (MYST) Interview With Robertas Visinskis
  • Blockchain Companies and Events
  • AidTech: Interview with Joseph Thompson
  • Cloudeo- Revolutionizing The Global Market For Geodata With Blockchain
  • Dfinity (DFN) Interview with Dom Williams
  • Hoard Invest: Interview With Jason Davis
  • LaneAxis ICO (AXIS Token): Blockchain Trucking & Freight Shipping
  • Odyssey Hackathon
  • Orbs – Randomized Proof-of-Stake (RPoS)
  • Qiibee – Customer Loyalty With Blockchain
  • Snips – Replacing Alexa With Privacy and Blockchain
  • Stronghold – Interview with Tammy Camp – How Stronghold and IBM are Creating a new stablecoin built on Stellar
  • Ultra – Next Generation PC Game distribution platform powered by Blockchain
  • David Wachsman

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