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Choosing a Swiss Company Formation Service

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If you are a resident of Switzerland or a foreigner looking to relocate to Switzerland, you might consider establishing a Swiss company. The country has been known to offer many benefits to businesses, from low taxes to excellent banking and legal systems. Moreover, Swiss companies have access to some of the world’s most elite accounting firms. This, coupled with a political structure that is business-oriented, makes the country a desirable destination for investors. In addition to these advantages, the process of establishing a Swiss company is relatively easy.

For a start, you’ll need to form a corporation, a sole trader or a limited liability company. You’ll need to get the name approved, appoint directors and pay the appropriate fees. Depending on the type of company you’re planning to establish, the incorporation procedure could take a couple of weeks or longer. Once your company has been formed, you’ll have to comply with the country’s legal requirements and submit your articles of association and other constituent documents.

Swiss company formation is a great way to secure your assets. You can benefit from Switzerland’s tax-free environment, and you’ll have access to a plethora of accounting and legal experts. However, you’ll also need to be aware of some of the more esoteric regulations that apply to companies in this jurisdiction.

Choosing a reputable company formation service can help you through the process. Some companies charge less than CHF 1,000 for the service. Most of these services provide a variety of options, including a complete package, which includes legal advice and preparation of all relevant documents. Others only cover the basics, such as getting a company name approved and opening an account. While it may be tempting to try and save some money, this could mean settling for a cheaply made company that will later fall into tax debt.

When it comes to determining which company formation is best for you, it’s best to start with a full assessment of your objectives. For example, do you wish to operate a brokerage firm, or do you wish to set up a financial transaction processing company? These are the types of businesses that have the most options. Alternatively, you might prefer to set up a partnership, which requires a minimum number of people. A general partnership is a form of company that is formed for a specific purpose. It can be as simple as two people.

One of the most important considerations when forming a Swiss company is the minimum share capital that must be deposited. The authorized capital of a Swiss limited liability company (AG) must be no more than 100,000 CHF. Similarly, the minimum share capital of a Swiss limited partnership (GmbH) must not be less than 20,000 in local currency.

Among the more complex steps involved in setting up a Swiss business, is obtaining a ban

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