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All you need to know about gifts

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Of course, you should not give gifts to everyone, you can make a lot of mistakes. You should not give gifts to unfamiliar people – you’ll only surprise them with your actions. Although if you still want to make a pleasant surprise to a stranger, you can find gifts of this type here.

Who should you give gifts to?

One of the most difficult questions: whether to give gifts to their bosses? Any gift that you bring, for example, the birthday of his boss, can be interpreted by lovers of gossip as sycophancy, as an effort to stand out. And the one to whom the gift is intended can also be put in a very ambiguous position: if you (let’s assume), an excellent employee, wanted to be promoted to a more responsible job in the near future, then after you have brought a gift to your supervisor, he simply would be embarrassed to support your candidacy for nomination. Therefore it is customary in exceptional cases (anniversary, retirement, etc.), of course, if the manager has really good, friendly relations with his employees, to make collective gifts: from the department, from the department, from the sector, etc.

When should you give gifts?

Gifts are usually given for family occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduation from school or university, etc. These cases are easy, because it is clear to whom to give and when to give. A little more complicated issue with the wedding dates. These days, especially common are the silver wedding – twenty-five years of married life, the golden wedding – fifty years. However, do not fall under the hypnosis of beautiful symbols: on a silver wedding you do not have to give only silver items, and on a gold wedding – gold. Although you can give gold to everyone and on all holidays, seriously, no one will be offended.

What should you give?

The choice of gift depends on who you want to give it to: a friend, a relative, an acquaintance. It is easier to give gifts to a loved one than to a stranger or someone you haven’t seen for a long time. In a situation like this, it is easy to understand what this or that person would like, what they need most. There is one observation concerning homewares. Such a birthday surprise would be a little inappropriate. After many hours of preparing the festive table, it is unlikely that anyone will want to return to the subject again. Such a gift will only be appropriate for a housewarming party.

Close relatives can be given as something of clothing items, as well as various household items. In these cases, a very wide choice is allowed – that is, anything that does not violate the general rules on gifts is good. The husband may even choose a gift for his wife together with her, and the mother with her daughter. A woman can give a close relative of a man various smoking items, tobacco, wine, a tie, a scarf, a sweater, a shirt. But it is not allowed to give such items to distant relatives.

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